United Initiators

The United Initiator’s Code of Conduct summarizes many of the ethical principles and standards of conduct of our company. We expect that all of us at United Initiators, all around the globe, are familiar with these principles and abide by them and any respective local laws and corporate guidelines.

Making the Right Way our Way!

Our Code of Conduct is a guide that defines basic, globally applicable standards of conduct that is expected of you as an employee of UI. You should turn to it whenever you face an uncertain ethical decision or witness behavior that might violate our standards or the law. This Code applies to all United Initiators employees at all levels, wherever in the world we work. This includes employees, contract employees, officers, and directors. UI also expects that our suppliers, agents, business partners, consultants, and licensees will follow similar principles. See full report:



See Monofiber's CSR policy.